‘Pay Us Via BVN’ Nigerians Cries Out As President Buhari Extends Lockdown

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‘Pay Us Via BVN’ Nigerians Cries Out As President Buhari Extends Lockdown

President Muhammadu Buhari has been called on by Nigerians to pay palliatives through BVN following the extension of the lockdown to fourteen days.

Recall that the President on Monday during a nationwide broadcast extended the 14 days lockdown in Lagos, Ogun State and FCT as a measure to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Nigeria.

Buhari in his statement noted that the decision was taken in order to curtail the spread of coronavirus disease in the country.

The statement, however, did not go down well with some Nigerians as they took to social media platforms asking the government to share at least N20,000 from all the donations through BVN.

See reactions from Nigerians below:


President Buhari,you enforced 2weeks lockdown before without any proper care for your citizens,people starved,
attacked by armed robbers,property damaged. Now you’re telling us to stay home for another 2weeks!
Take proper care of your citizens! We have BVN Numbers!


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Toke Makinwa


Lock down, lock down the least you can do is credit everyone’s account, even if it’s 10k. BVN is available yet you want those who have resorted to being their own government die of hunger? 14 days more is about to bite even harder

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Series Abíọ́dún ♠@Engr_Series

BVN is basically to address identity theft. According to NISS, 38.5 million accounts has BVN identity as at 2019 which means there’s a database… If Namibia is said to pay their citizens ‘reliefs’ for COVID19 through their bank accounts, why can’t the Nigerian govt #PayusviaBVN?

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We no longer have money. We no longer have food. We can’t be at home and eat nothing. Pay us via BVN or else hunger will kill us before coronavirus! @MBuhari #payusviaBVN #payusviaBVN #payusviaBVN #payusviaBVN

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Tunde Ednut@TundeEddnut


RT if you agree so that the relevant people in authority can do something.

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    • That’s if the government is willing to pay!
      They all know the outcome of these. They are protecting their homes and families instead of fighting and protecting the nation at large. Hopefully they do something sha

  1. You can get our numbers sending msg Tru NCDC asking if we have washed out hands when we don’t even have money to buy soap not to talk of hand sanitizer… Then get our account details too it not hard to do… BVN is available

  2. I don’t know why our government are self centered even they give all Nigeria citizens 1 million each they will still have enough left

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